The Indians Abroad- Overseas Living: NRIs and India Abroad!

‘The India Abroad‘ blog is dedicated to the Indians living away from the homeland of India.  Social and environmental issues that affect the NRIs- Non Resident Indians– and Indian diaspora are regularly explored.

So, the main theme of the site relates to the India Abroad and NRIs including:

As time goes on, the goal is to build a knowledge or social database that could act as a reference and general information for day-to-day stuff, a rough guide to personal growth and advancement toward a more fruitful and meaningful experiences overseas.
Your feedback is always valued and much appreciated. For acronyms used on this site such as NRIs, PIO…check out this post.
Thank You for all your support.
Come back soon and come back often :)!

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One Reply to “The Indians Abroad- Overseas Living: NRIs and India Abroad!”

  1. Hello There,

    Its nice to see your blog. I have also started an expat blog for indian expat in Aus and people who would like to come to Oz. Do visit my blog and any suggestions are always welcome…
    keep blogging

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